Anniversaro (Show #250)

It’s my 10-year podcasting anniversary, and show #250. Old Business Newness: Dr. thyroid, low-key/no-tree Christmas, iPad Mini layaway History of podcasting Shelly’s book, iOS Access for All: two editions, two formats Joining the Maccessiblity Roundtable Cocktail Talk: Whisky Advent Calendar…

Frisky for Podcasting (Show #249)

Please excuse the sub-standard audio. I’m not super happy with the feedback my newish mixer gives me. And it was dark outside. I’ll do better next time. Chit chat: long timeā€¦, weather, frisky for podcasting, drink check Old Business: kitchen…

Fickle Felker of Fate (Show #248)

Chit chat: why we sound different, drink check Oregon trip: (Rowan stops by to chat), hanging with friends, the Rose Parade, Lost Lake, the beer store and its neighborhood, crazy Texas liquor laws Kitchen Konfidential Kompleat?: down to the ground,…

Walk the Walk (Show #247)

Chit chat: drink check, awkward segueing Prolific gardening: the squash sickness, milspec tomato cages, planting at my sister’s, (pause to waive at the neighbors), sharing the produce, walking sticks eat our mint leaves Kitchen Konfidential: the date is set, driving…

Pretzel Logic (Show #246)

  • Chit chat: Frank is hardily working, button punching, drink check, masculine limes, Bullett Rye
  • Christmas celebration: family juggling, hosting dinner, LED dimmers
  • Kid time: one kid at a time, it’s not fair
  • Frank sleeps late and fiddles with XBMC
  • New Year’s Day with my brother
  • Cooking: pretzels, gumbo, chili, curry
  • Kitchen Konfidential: no wood
  • Medical stuff: roids, nursing home search
  • Show maintenance: show openers on Spotify, past feedback lost in tragic gmail accident
  • WordPress Comment Theatre

Here’s a pretzel-making slideshow

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I Am the 10 Percent (Show #245)

  • Chit chat: Technical difficulties
  • Titles
  • News: Don’t eat all the turkey, vegetable weekend with movies and waffles, restless
  • House & garden: tree surgery, rain!, Frank rubbernecks construction projects
  • Bowling at the German dudes club
  • Medical corner: CPAP racket, roid rage
  • Kitchen Konfidential: wood mill owners are flakes, drought limits tree harvesting/cutting??
  • Shelly’s plugs
  • Hello kitty: Norbert’s drinking habits, Jack on top
  • Tech talk: rolled over by the Googleplex, lemon-y iPhone 4S, replacing the MacBook battery
  • Cocktail talk: Comparing orgeats, applejack rabbits

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