#17: Getting My Hands Dirty

Chilling in my office, throwing tips and links your way.

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#14: Unzipping ePub’s Secrets

Today, I assemble the tools I need to go spelunking inside my ePub file. Here are links that were helpful to me. I don’t reference them directly in the show, but they should illuminate the points I made.

Question or comment? Hit me up on Twitter @shelly, or via voicemail at 512-394-4624. Go get iOS Access for All.

High Heels and a Dead Cat (Show #251)

  • Locations and libations
  • SXSW on Ignore
  • Podcast studio mini-makeover and the Fischer-Price compressor
  • Frank breaks and fixes things: vent hood label, retaining wall, Shelly’s remodel memories
  • The unusual career goals of young’uns
  • Helping first graders with homework
  • Good bye Mother Marge
  • Shelly’s book, iOS Access for All: speaking extemperaneously, choosing terminology, and perfecting your video image
  • A brief detour for Apple watch scorn
  • another brief detour to speak of Catalina’s health issues, and where the animals are right now
  • Cocktail/booze Talk: Whisky Advent, Tullamore D.E.W 12 Year Old, and Spirit of Hven Seven Stars No.2 Merak Single Malt
  • (Beggin for) Feedback city

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Link-O-Rama: iOS Access for All, Maccessibility Roundtable podcast

Anniversaro (Show #250)

  • It’s my 10-year podcasting anniversary, and show #250.
  • Old Business
  • Newness: Dr. thyroid, low-key/no-tree Christmas, iPad Mini layaway
  • History of podcasting
  • Shelly’s book, iOS Access for All: two editions, two formats
  • Joining the Maccessiblity Roundtable
  • Cocktail Talk: Whisky Advent Calendar
  • (Beggin for) Feedback city
  • Super secret bonus Frank segment

Master of Malt's Whisky Advent Calendar

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Link-O-Rama: Serial, iOS Access for All, Maccessibility Roundtable podcast, Master of Malt

Frisky for Podcasting (Show #249)

      Please excuse the sub-standard audio. I’m not super happy with the feedback my newish mixer gives me. And it was dark outside. I’ll do better next time.

      • Chit chat: long time…, weather, frisky for podcasting, drink check
      • Old Business: kitchen kompleat, road construction thrills Frank, jobless, Catalina
      • Shelly’s book, iOS Access for All
      • About accessibility in social media, and in software
      • 25th Anniversary
      • opossum trot
      • Arizona?
      • About giving blood platelets
      • Family reunion photography
      • Cocktail Talk: Lion’s Tail
      • (Beggin for) Feedback city

Frank enjoys a beer while he watches men dig a hole in our street

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Link-O-Rama: iOS Access for All, my iOS 7 blog post, Maccessibility roundtable podcast, lion’s tail cocktail recipe

Fickle Felker of Fate (Show #248)

      • Chit chat: why we sound different, drink check
      • Oregon trip: (Rowan stops by to chat), hanging with friends, the Rose Parade, Lost Lake, the beer store and its neighborhood, crazy Texas liquor laws
      • Kitchen Konfidential Kompleat?: down to the ground, slidey mesquite floors, chipped granite(, five-burner stove goodness, small oven, can’t finish the slideshow, Frank’s brass furnace
      • Cooking fun: smoked turkey gumbo, holiday chili
      • Winter garden: spicy lettuce, drying peppers
      • Holidays: Hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas toys
      • New computer: DIY home theater, hacking Frank’s email, new obsession
      • Cross-examination in the community
      • End-of-year vacation: outings with kids, travels to Denton, Frank finds a Felker
      • Tech Talk: iPad Mini critic guys a Mini, new Google Maps app has issues, iTunes 11 sucks
      • Cocktail Talk: Whiskies of the World comes to Austin, donga punch, volcano bowl, planning the spring tiki crawfish boil, 26th anniversary coming up, Jack’s car
      • (Beggin for) Feedback city

donga punch in the volcano bowl

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Link-O-Rama: Belmont Station, German smoked beer, For Whatever Reason, Mackie 402-VLZ3 mixer, Rode NG2 shotgun mic, MythTV, Bar Congress

Walk the Walk (Show #247)

  • Chit chat: drink check, awkward segueing
  • Prolific gardening: the squash sickness, milspec tomato cages, planting at my sister’s, (pause to waive at the neighbors), sharing the produce, walking sticks eat our mint leaves
  • Kitchen Konfidential: the date is set, driving to get the mesquite, surprising the wood, sorting the boards, another “thing you can get in the back of a Prius”, cabinet fixin, no kitchen for a month, finding tiny ovens, Sears is cool (who knew?), new freezer, granite is fun!
  • Potentially stalking podcasters in OregonReturn to the studio
  • California: Shelly the film geek, seeing 2 rare Spencer Tracy films, travel tips, lunch in Santa Monica, whisky bar, booze sexism, dinner in LA, double-decker tourist, wandering into a Beverly Hills hotel, more incredible whiskies, North Face snobs, rare movie night at the Billy Wilder Theaterand out to the porch
  • Drink check: sipping Zacapa 23 and the Ardbeg Alligator, Japanese whisky
  • Thyroid surgery: hospital virgin, medical payment unpredictability, upsetting stuff while groggy, talking to the doc, recovery, my smiley scar, pie and lentils
  • Observing the natives on our street: drivers and children and cell phones
  • iPad stand goodness: podcast with a mic mounted on a microphone stand
  • More ruminations on the murder of walking sticks. and crawfish boils, and more cats
  • Thanks for Web site help
  • Feedback city

walking stick climbs the wall

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Link-O-Rama: Balvennie Smash cocktail, For Whatever Reason, The Flatus Show, Gag the Manager, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, GigEasy, The Daily Pint, WhiskyCast, Tucker Professional Web Services, GeekFit, Beatweek, Overheard at Disneyland, Disney Day Trippers

Pretzel Logic (Show #246)


  • Chit chat: Frank is hardily working, button punching, drink check, masculine limes, Bullett Rye



  • Christmas celebration: family juggling, hosting dinner, LED dimmers



  • Kid time: one kid at a time, it’s not fair



  • Frank sleeps late and fiddles with XBMC



  • New Year’s Day with my brother



  • Cooking: pretzels, gumbo, chili, curry



  • Kitchen Konfidential: no wood



  • Medical stuff: roids, nursing home search



  • Show maintenance: show openers on Spotify, past feedback lost in tragic gmail accident


  • WordPress Comment Theatre

Here’s a pretzel-making slideshow

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I Am the 10 Percent (Show #245)

  • Chit chat: Technical difficulties
  • Titles
  • News: Don’t eat all the turkey, vegetable weekend with movies and waffles, restless
  • House & garden: tree surgery, rain!, Frank rubbernecks construction projects
  • Bowling at the German dudes club
  • Medical corner: CPAP racket, roid rage
  • Kitchen Konfidential: wood mill owners are flakes, drought limits tree harvesting/cutting??
  • Shelly’s plugs
  • Hello kitty: Norbert’s drinking habits, Jack on top
  • Tech talk: rolled over by the Googleplex, lemon-y iPhone 4S, replacing the MacBook battery
  • Cocktail talk: Comparing orgeats, applejack rabbits

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