Podcast panel plugging; friday podcat sleeping

It’s plug day again here on the show. More details on the podcasting panel at MacGathering, which features The MacCast’s Adam Christinason, Dan Klass from The Bitterest Pill, and podio book author Mark Jeffrey. I’ll be moderating the whole darn thing, so come to North Hollywood on May 15 and let’s have a good time.

Also on the show, I play a bit more Julie Miller than I probably should.

And finally…

The Friday Podcat

Smeagol didn’t want to be today’s podcat. “Please, no photos. I need my rest!”

The friday podcat

I don’t have a show for you today. Too busy doing the real life thing. I’ve also been having problems with my big microphone. I hope to have a new show up by early next week. In the meantime, I give you:

The Friday Podcat

Weasel holds down the hot tub lid.

Tiger bait

Live and in color from the iRiver. I praise (and take on) the cult of Macintosh, update you all on my life and work, and generally get back into the podcasting swing.

A new show and the very first friday podcat

Today’s show is a long-overdue catch-up edition, with back pain, gadget talk, and background bird sounds. To make up for my absence from the podwaves, here is the first installment of:

The Friday Podcat

I realize that a running laptop is not the best place for a cat. You try telling that to Gremlin.