LA story take two

Return with me now to those long ago days I spent in Los Angeles. Hmm. When was that exactly? Also, a side trip to the wilds of Tyler Texas. Finally, I get all opinionated as I discuss iPodderX 3.0.

Hear the MacGathering podcasting panel

Today’s show is a recording of the podcasting panel I moderated at last weekend’s MacGathering in Los Angeles. Hear podcasters Dan Klass, Adam Christianson, and Mark Jeffrey talk about their shows. We also take questions from a very talkative audience.

Take a walk on the blind side

Downtown sound-seeing. I take myself out for a cup of coffee, and share my adventures (OK, my wait at the bus stop) with you. There’s also fun-making at the expense of society types, corny appreciation for the ideals of government, and, did I mention coffee?