Smeagol: your friday podcat

Smeagol, pictured below, won the first Friday podcat poll. Thank you all for voting. Smeagol had twice the votes of Gremlin and Weasel. Ivar and Eric, who received no votes, are inconsolable.

smeagol currled up behind a rocking chair's runners
You know that expression about nervous cats in rooms full of rocking chairs? Does Smeagol look nervous to you?

Got album art?

The swell logo at left is brought to you by the multi-talented Len from Jawbone Radio. It’s super cool, and makes me feel like a real podcaster at last. I’ve also added it to iTunes, so I’ve got what it takes to be featured on the front page of the music store any old time.

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Hurricane relief links

Please donate to hurricane relief.

We all know about the Red Cross. So many people are donating there that the site is often difficult to reach. A number of podcasters have produced hurricane relief PSAs. I’ll be playing these on future shows. If you have a podcast and would like to add a PSA, let me know and I’ll send you a link.

Link-O-Rama: Offer housing for hurricane victims ~ America’s Second Harvest ~ Charity Navigator

I’ll be repeating this blog post regularly when it scrolls off the page.