Reviews, feedback, and doubtful humor

Live from the Podcast Studio(tm). Find out which iPod gadget I’ve been playing with this week as I launch the first product review segment. In related news, a contest winner is announced. You’ll also learn what’s in my voicemail box, and whether or not I’m humorous on a scale of 1-10.

Link-O-Rama: Brain Buckit on The Podsafe Music Network, Shelly’s Podcast Pickle Page, Xtreme Mac FM transmitter, Griffin TuneBox, Polar Bear Podcast, Borderline, Israelisms, Pat’s Podcast, Comedy4cast

A special guest appearance

Deb Shadovitz and I intended to record a short wrapup of Macworld Expo for Victor Cajiao, host of the Typical Mac User podcast. We talked for an hour and figured Victor would edit us into a short segment. Instead, he posted the conversation as a special show on his feed. Check it out for thoughts on the keynote, and a few obscure show highlights. (Can there be an obscure highlight? Hmm.)

Eat more pickles

Wow! I’ve been away from The Podcast Pickle for most of a week, and when I checked in today, I discovered that this program, Shelly’s Podcast, is in the Top 25, based on Pickle favorites. You guys are the best audience in the universe.

If you haven’t added me as a favorite on Podcast Pickle, please use this link below to help me crack the Top 20.

Thank you all for listening and supporting the show.

Expo rific

My wrapup of Steve Jobs Macworld Expo keynote, and an interview with Mac author and pundit Andy Ihnatko, recorded at the third annual Party for the People.

Google’s logo is in braille today

Big f ing deal!

For a more cogent and family-friendly response, I refer you to this post from Jeff Bishop. He’s absolutely right.

“Today is Louis Braille’s birthday and in celebration of that fact Google has made their logo done up in Braille characters. OK Google, nice, but why don’t you actually do something useful like fix your visual verification issues for blind computer users, now that would be a nice gift. Don’t worry, it won’t happen. I am afraid it is going to take court action to get Google to move. I sincerely hope I am wrong.”