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  1. Shelly,

    I’m honored to be your pick for ‘favorite male podcasting voice!’ Thanks!

    On to other things: the Mac community (of which I am a part) needs to stop getting their undies in a bunch over the Dvorak theory (the article is here). He didn’t say the switch to Windows was going to happen, he said that there are indicators that it could happen. In fact, it wasn’t even his theory– it was the theory of someone who wrote to him,

    What we need to remember is that industry writers are there to cause discussion and occasionally, controversy. I remember being an at IT Executive’s breakfast in 1995 where the speaker was a magazine writer who had some outlandish, expensive idea that I can’t remember now. When I asked him how he thought this could happen, he said “I’m a magazine writer: I get paid to say stuff like this. If I’m wrong, I can say it was ‘just a theory,’ and if I’m right I get called a visionary.” So based on that, every time I hear Dvorak or one of the other writers throw theories out there, there’s a huge salt cellar right next to me.

    And personally, I’m hoping for a new Mac mini next week, too.

    Finally, I’m a huge fan of “The Whistler.” There’s a guy here in Chicago who has a four-hour OTR show every Saturday and I’m always glued to the radio when shows like that come on.


  2. Okay, I have heard some crazy stuff. Podcasters and the rumer community are always a buzz with nutty. whacky stuff. But this is the most insame thing I have ever heard. I refuse to believe that SHELLY HAS EVER BEEN WRONG!

  3. Shelly, Shelly, Shelly….Digger here…. you are soo right, again… no monkeies ever get harmed on our show. Thanks for checking the show out and sending people our way.

    Wacky??? Diggers Story Wacky?? Ooooh come on! You think? Yeh Yeah…yeeeah OK we are ! Exposed to the bone.

    From all the crew at Diggers Story we LoVe your show! HOOKED US FOR GOOD!

    Patter aka Digger, Pootz and crew

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