3 thoughts on “Lost, late, and alone

  1. I believe that Libsyn, where my files are hosted, was having some problems this morning. I just clicked the direct download link and the audio came up normally.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww Thanks for shouting out my show! Your kindness is heart felt on this ummmmmm dare I say near Valentine’s day episode of yours. LET’S GIT MOOOOSHY.*smoooooooooch*

    How do I eat a pound of chocolate….isn’t that what’s the nuke/microwave is for? Chocolate soup… fondooooooo it too… yeh…the best!

    Diggers Story acknowledges and believes we all are amazing in one form or another. Pegging a person as “retarded” “slow” “mental” “midget” etc. reveals the narrow minded and short comings of that individual with parents who role model(ed) their small minded short comings. So when a person mocks those who may seem more fragile then others they are the ones that should look in the mirror as they stand naked before their audience. Our world is growing up and starting to see the spin doctors as who they are CALL IT OUT …STAND UP,… UP AGAINST THE WALL we’re not going to take it any more! Good show!

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