The promo show!

It’s episode 75. Diamonds are a podcaster’s best friend.

• Promo news and contest
• Poll results
• Buy local
• Windows on a Mac
• why paid podcast and TV show models won’t be around forever
• The Direct Download
• Shoutouts and stuff
• Listener mail
• Music to send audio comments and e-mail by

Link-O-Rama: Shelly’s Podcast promo, Easy iPod and iTunes, Caraworks (voice work by Scott Fletcher), Madtown Aces Audio Productions, Windows on a Mac Mini, Redboy Podcast, The Big Show, Zee and Zed, Slau, Darcy and Holly Show, Keemecast, JawboneThe Shapes on the Podsafe Music Network

One thought on “The promo show!

  1. Another great show.. The Marantz sounds great, and as always you’re chock full o’ info.

    Here’s another vote for keeping the name of your show the same– it’s not easy to change a show’s name midstream, believe me. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

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