The rain ate my show

• Happy Cinco de Mayo
• Bad week
• Good party
• MacGathering panel
• Which promo is the better promo
• Audio interface for the iPod (and accompanying rant)
• Shoutouts
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: MacGathering, InformationWeek on the iPod audio interface, audio interface patent details, Cheap Date Show, Digger’s Story, The Half Show, Kickass Podcast, Jean Synodinos web site

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4 thoughts on “The rain ate my show

  1. An iPod audio interface would be very cool for normal people to use aswell…If you think about it – most people have there ipod in a pocket etc – wouldn’t it be nice to browse menus etc – without actually having to pick it up and look at the screen.


  2. Anyone else getting a downlaod of 44,756 KB but “input media format is invalid”? I’ve downloaded the file twice and tried my Razr phone and this PC, both no-go.

    Away from home this week and my fave podcasts are a great way of feeling connected to my usual routines and “friends”.


  3. Ronald-son: I’m sure you’re right that some “normal” people would dig an iPod audio interface. And perhaps that’s the best chance such a thing has of hitting the market. More on the next show.

    Kevin: I just fired up the show in my browser, and am downloading it from the blog page. No problems so far.

  4. Maybe all the MacFan listeners won’t know or care, but I tried downloading this show yet again, and still couldn’t listen to it–until I used iTunes instead of MediaPlayer. Neither Win2000 or XP’s (version can handle this MP3. iTunes is fine tho.

    Really glad to be able to catch up on a favourite podcast.

    LoyalListener Kevin

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