Meet the macbook

• I’m baaack
• Interviewing famous people: Rene Auberjonois
• Asking for things
• Meeting the MacBook: a first look at my new computer, with special guest, Bill Palmer
• Second Life follow-up
• The shownotes voice track
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: For What It’s Worth, Rene Auberjonois on IMDB, Turbo Blender, Apple MacBook, iProng, Borderline, Redboy Podcast, Poddog Show, Wicked Good Podcast, Captain WAM on the Podsafe Music Network

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One thought on “Meet the macbook

  1. Hey Shelly, love your podcasts, a great improvment in audio quality.. what are you using now in your podcast set up?
    Also.. how goes the new ‘Black’ MacBook?
    I am now thinking about getting a new MacBook… am wanting a M.B.P. though, but it costs too much for me 🙁

    Have sent you a email…

    Loving your work Shelly !

    from: Sam Downie

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