Not as cranky as i seem

Today’s show could be more cheerful. But then again, I was stone cold sober when I recorded it, so what can you expect?

• Juneteenth
• Dinner with dad
• Goin to Podcast Expo
• Cars propaganda
• No global warming for me
• Americans hate soccer (yawn)
• Don’t prejudge Apple’s sweatshop
• Direct Download
• Mailbag
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Juneteenth, Daft Musings, Podcast Expo, Alamo Drafthouse, Wicked Good Podcast, iPod maker accused of sweatshop practices, Apple promises to investigate sweatshop allegations, Jawbone Radio, MST3K, “Dangerous Things” from George Fletcher & Bourbon Renewal

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4 thoughts on “Not as cranky as i seem

  1. Shelly, I like the way you’re keeping the ShowNotes sound effect, but dropping the pronouncing of the word–it’s having the desired effect, yet briefer. I can’t wait for Cars to arrive here in England–I’m such a Pixar fan.

    thanks for your podcast

  2. I think people who go to games a lot have an easier time following sports without the sound, because you don’t get much (other than the on-field announcer from time to time) in terms of commentary when you go to see a game live. It also follows that if you go to games a lot, you get to know the game better and can follow what’s going on without someone telling you. That said, I’m a big sports fan and I have trouble following most sports without the sound (except baseball, where everything’s more or less cut and dry).

    Thanks for playing our promo, also! Maureen and I really appreciate it!

  3. Hi shelly, you have a lovely voice. We’ll be going to the podcast expo as well, and hope to run into you there. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

    Before that, we’ll be in Austin, Texas at the Spider House on Friday Aug 18th from 8-10pm to host a podcasting “Meet N’ Greet” of our friends and fans of our show, we’d love to meet you then!

    Warm regards
    Fausto Fernós
    Feast of Fools podcast

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