A plastical thing

• Show 90!
• More show milestones
• The heat wave
• Biking around town
• Not Juiced
• Name That Tool, week 4
• Tech Talk: Digging and MySpace
• The Deconstructionist: The panicky American press, Bush talks with his mouth full, the fresh squeezed values agenda, ARMPAC will twist no more arms
• Contact info with special guest, Will
• Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Tracy-Hepburn Podcast, Hollywood on the Radio, Len from Jawbone Radio, Summer Jo’s, Grants Pass, Oregon, Waterloo Cycles, Tour de France coverage (in English), Feedburner, Slate: This Isn’t World War III, Houston Chronicle: PAC tied to DeLay, Fined, Shutting Down, SmartBomb Radio

This Week’s Music: “Breathe” by Sistas in the Pit, “Angeline” by George Fletcher & Bourbon Renewal, on the Podsafe Music Network

tool number four
This week’s clue: name that tool

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