Booze and politics

• Home alone
• Relatives descend
• Singing and drinking
• Name That Tool, week 2
• The Deconstructionist premiers, bringing politics to the show

Notes; All of last week’s Name That Tool guesses were correct. Also, thanks To Kevin for the bumper, and Joe to the pointer to the “My Cousin Vinny” clip.

tool number two
This week’s clue: name that tool

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5 thoughts on “Booze and politics

  1. I will recuse myself from this round of the contest as I spent many years using one of these things at work.

    Let’s just say my career went into flux after using it daily.

  2. We’ll stump you one of these days, Joe. Frank keeps talking about looking in his dad’s shed for antique tools. He’s really into this segment.

  3. jenny and I were laughing our ass off at your assesment of the Texas govenors race. Great stuff Shelly!

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