No crud

Life without running water, a chat about Apple’s VoiceOver, and some listener mail.

  • Our pipes are leaking
  • Zee and Zed are quitting
  • iProng Radio is growing
  • VoiceOver is speaking
  • E-mailers are writing
  • Random is helping
  • Sayra Liz is playing

Link-O-Rama: Zee and Zed, Ask Lyndon, iProng Radio itunes link, ProTools Accessibility petition, Quirky Nomads, Absolute Science, Women in Podcasting Directory, Sturgeon’s Law

This Week’s Music: Le Tigre, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell and The Banned, “The Car Song”

Break music: “Transition Two”, by Citizen Six, “In The Hollow” by Derek K. Miller both from the Podsafe Music Network

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