Long time gone

The long-delayed 99th episode features all of your favorite segments, plus a Podcast Expo wrap-up. It’s a long, but lovely episode.

  • Show 100 excuses
  • Next three shows? All picked out
  • Things are still falling apart around the house
  • This old car
  • Frank’s patent
  • Tech Talk: More batteries subject to catching fire, Belkin iPod recorder
  • Politics: Foleygate’s unanswered questions
  • Dinner at Phil’s
  • Podcast expo wrapup: iProng booth duty, women in podcasting panel, I like Trypodders, no sessions for me, name dropping,
  • Mailbag: iTunes 7 and audiobooks, congratulations to Joe and Lisa
  • Contact info by Daryl from The Poddog Show
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Cheryl Wheeler’s site, Balkin TuneTalk iPod recorder, Israelisms, Phil’s Ice House (5620 Burnet Road, Austin, TX), iProng Radio, LA Podcasters, my Women in Podcasting panel (download here), Podcast Morons, Trypod Network, What’s On Podcast, Cheap Date Show, Poddog Show, Borderline

This Week’s Music: “Midway”, by The Famous

Break Content: The SpySurfs, “Bongo”, by The Vincent Van Gogos, “Dreaming of an M16” by The Shapes, all on the Podsafe Music Network

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2 thoughts on “Long time gone

  1. Hi Shelly!
    Given the amount of complaining I’ve heard from drivers, I’m glad that we don’t drive! hahaha

  2. Shelly, great show.

    when you said country, I reached for my control so I wouldn’t have to listen to it, but instead I ended up enjoying the whole song, the references to an old familiar Texas tourist attaction, and I even tried to check out the band at the PSMN and found out they seem to have not renewed their domain registration:

    Notice: This domain name expired on 10/04/06 and is pending renewal or deletion. That makes me smile.

    Anyway, that was my fave tune you’ve ever played on any of your shows. Cheers!

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