My 15 nanoseconds of fame…in San Bernardino

This article appeared in Saturday’s San Bernardino County Sun. I’m not in it! But if you click the Photo Gallery link, and then look at page 5, you’ll see me and the rest of the iPod/iTunes panel from the LA Podcasters/iProng booth at Podcast Expo. The photo did appear in the paper last Saturday. By the way, this panel will be posted on the iProng Radio feed later today.

One thought on “My 15 nanoseconds of fame…in San Bernardino

  1. “The term “podcast” comes from the fact that the audio files created can be downloaded to an iPod and listened to at leisure.” Ugh – the journalist learned nothing at the expo. The podcast mantra should be “you don’t need an ipod, you don’t need an ipod!”

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