The More Music Show

Back to the standard show format, but with an extra large dollop of music. I’ve got a hut tub update, tech, and a restaurant review.

  • Motor mount mayhem
  • Hot tub in the hole!
  • How do I flickr?
  • Halloween on the street
  • Frank’s block party plan
  • Tech Talk: Zzzzzzune apparently has no podcast client, what’s wrong with iPod podcasting, PRODUCT(red) iPod nanos, tiny Shuffles, hot hot MacBook
  • Review of Noodleism
  • Listener Mail
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: My Flickr page, Zune review: no podcast support, PRODUCT(red) ipods, refurb Shuffles for cheap, MacBook firmware update

This Week’s Music: “Just One More”, Mad Caddies, “All Along”, Supersuckers, “You Are”, Hungry Lucy. All on the Podsafe Music Network. “Metldown Man”, Derek K. Miller

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3 thoughts on “The More Music Show

  1. HI Shelly,
    I got mine Shuffle, well my wife’s Shuffle, and it is very small. It’s so small that I had to use a mangvifying glass to read the ingraving. 😉 Keep up the great job you’re doing, I’m enjoying the podcast.

  2. Hot diggity! Hot tub party round at Shelly’s place!

    We got my brother a new 2G Nano for his birthday and my dad got himself a 2G Shuffle. I’ve got my 5.0G ipod. It’s a real family affair.

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