Mac Podcasters’ Meetup

If you will be in San Francisco for Macworld Expo the week of January 8-12, please join us for a Mac Podcaster’s Meetup, organized by Adam Christinason of The MacCast. the meetup will take place Thursday January 11, 6 PM at the flagship Apple Store, and will be followed by the first-ever MacMingle, at Jillian’s in the Metreon shopping complex.

Find all the details here.

I’ll be participating in both events, as will much more famous people, including Leo LaPorte, Ken Ray (Mac OS Ken), Alex Lindasy (MacBreak, TWIT), Derrick Story (O’Reilly), Tod Maffin (CBC Radio, todbits), and Dave Hamilton (Mac Observer, Mac Geek Gab).

Mystery Sinus Theater

an oppossom in the Christmas tree

the ugliest ornament ever!

And for my next trick, I’ll record a show under the influence of Cointreau AND a sinus headache.

  • Shelly’s throbbing nasal passages
  • New mic, new sound
  • Tonight’s drink of choice
  • The show’s still evolving
  • Children running me ragged
  • The opossum infestation
  • Online shopping pitfalls
  • Getting to the store during the holidays
  • Mailbag
  • Macworld Expo’s acomin: what would YOU like to hear from the show?
  • Two years of podcasting…almost
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Oade Brothers Audio, The MacCast, Deb Shadovitz’ MacEfficiency site

This Week’s Music: “It’s Easy to Sleep When You’re Dead”, by of Montreal

Material Squirrel

Holidays are in full swing, and our thoughts turn to material things. These include gifts, money, and pizza.

  • St. Nick’s Day
  • Material girls
  • Mr. microphone
  • Wish lists
  • Is that a dollar?
  • Red and black: we review The Parlor
  • Direct Download
  • What’s new?
  • Mailbag
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Saint Nicholas Day, Judge Declares Currency Discriminatory, Dry Shave, The Poddog Show, The Big Show

This Week’s Music: “Enemy Inside”, by The Get-Outs on the Podsafe Music Network

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