Mystery Sinus Theater

an oppossom in the Christmas tree

the ugliest ornament ever!

And for my next trick, I’ll record a show under the influence of Cointreau AND a sinus headache.

  • Shelly’s throbbing nasal passages
  • New mic, new sound
  • Tonight’s drink of choice
  • The show’s still evolving
  • Children running me ragged
  • The opossum infestation
  • Online shopping pitfalls
  • Getting to the store during the holidays
  • Mailbag
  • Macworld Expo’s acomin: what would YOU like to hear from the show?
  • Two years of podcasting…almost
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Oade Brothers Audio, The MacCast, Deb Shadovitz’ MacEfficiency site

This Week’s Music: “It’s Easy to Sleep When You’re Dead”, by of Montreal

4 thoughts on “Mystery Sinus Theater

  1. From our friend Daryl Cognito of The Poddog Show:

    This really needs to be next years Shelly Family Xmas card. With a letter that says… “and little jr. is doing well since the addoption. However, we are a little concerned about his tree climbing. Maybe “Joe’s House of Adoptions” was not the right place to go?

  2. Possums are frightening rodents –
    good jobs on removing that nasty beast from your xmas tree! I also vote for using these pics on next year’s Christmas cards.

    BTW – I have a question for Macworld… I’m considering getting a new MacBook, but I’m thinking about waiting until OSX 10.5 is launched. Doesn’t Apple usually do an “up-to-date” thing where if you buy a mac a few months before a new os is launched you can get a free upgrade? If so, I’ll wait until Leopard hits the streets.

    Also, if possible, please punch Steve Jobs in the throat for losing my old iPod Mini after I sent it to Apple for service 😉

    – Neil
    Borderline podcast

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