Flying My Geek Flag: iPod Recording Reviews

  • Recording with the iPod
  • Please Pickle me; please Digg me
  • Extracurricular podcasting
  • Macworld Expo activities
  • Product Review: Griffin iTalk Pro and Belkin TuneTalk: zip file containing eight short audio clips (19.5 MB)
  • Contact info by Mignon from Absolute Science

This episode was recorded with the Griffin iTalk Pro and an iPod nano, in WAV format. Slight edits were made, and the Trypod ID and contact info were spliced into the WAV file. Finally, the show was compressed to MP3 format. I did no post-production or processing.

Link-O-Rama: Please Pickle me, Digg the show, World Bridges Podcasting Year in Review page and audio, Pickle Tales, Mac Podcaster’s Meetup/MacMingle, MacEfficiency, Macworld User Group Lounge lineup, Griffin iTalk Pro, Belkin TuneTalk, Absolute Science