Whether it’s Macworld Expo, ice storms, or car buying, I weave the threads of the past and future together, just for you.

  • Macworld in the olden days
  • Ice emergency of 2007!
  • New Prius, old Saturn, car salesman runaround
  • Macworld reconsidered: not much to see, TuneStudio, social hour, Mac Podcaster Meetup
  • iPhone reality sets in
  • iPhone accessibility speculation
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Other World Computing’s ModBook, Podcast Morons, Belkin TuneStudio, Mac Podcaster Meetup part 1, part 2, Mac OS Ken, ScobleShow, Conan’s iPhone commercial, iListen, Mostly News

This Week’s Music: “Ice Storm”, by Boo Boo Davis, on the Podsafe Music Network