Franking Privileges

Frank stops by to talk about stuff.

  • Cats, food, cars, back pain, and other excitement. From our home to yours.
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Next week: the e-mail show

Thanks to everyone who’s been sending e-mail lately. I had your notes all starred and ready to talk about on the show, but then I completely forgot! The next Shelly’s Podcast will be 100% listener generated content.

Jodie or Leather?

Remembering Molly Ivins, taking a wistful look at Vista, and iPod colors galore.

  • Listen to me everywhere!
  • Why Molly Ivins was amazing
  • Tech Talk: MS releases Vista, Apple releases orange iPod Shuffle
  • Super what?
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This Week’s Music: “Snowflakes”, by Demerit 7, on the Podsafe Music Network