I’ve Got My Head, I’ve Lost My Leopard

What I did on my spring vacation, and where’s my leopard?

  • News: Blogger & Podcaster is all the way live, and PodCamp San Antonio is coming up
  • Road trip voice mails
  • The Vacation Report: drive time, the GPS, dinner in other states, looking for my joy, free wifi, I luv Waffle House, the holy grail of spices, distillery tours, Cheryl in Nashville, White Castle
  • Last Words on the Don Imus Fracas
  • Tech Talk: Late leopard
  • Music to send e-mail and audio comments by

Link-O-Rama: Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, PodCamp San Antonio, Redboy Podcast, Mostly News, Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS, Boscos, Penzey’s Spices, Cheryl Wheeler, Cheap Date Show

This Week’s Music: “Until You Learn”, by Kenny White