All Lobster all the Time

Eating and drinking our way through New England. And Frank’s fans call in.

  • News: Shelly on Quirky Nomads, why Shelly isn’t drinking her beer
  • Frank’s fans check in: oscilloscope from a kit, phone tech/Bluetooth/fancy cars, Frankenshelly need a wife, submitting Dr. Maddow questions, Frank thinks Shelly thinks Frank is stupid
  • Vacation wrap-up: Shelly’s least favorite airline, Patty the GPS, the moldy cottage, Brewster town square, television sucks, checking the Net for San Diego fire info, side effects including death, Provincetown, the beach, not watching baseball and taking credit for Boston’s victory, dinner with WickedGood, following our noses in the North End, bad restaurant service, checking out the museum, Shelly eats donuts, Frank can do without them, awakened by Red Sox fans, Shelly confesses her sins.
  • Vacation food highlights: Chocolate Sparrow, Shipyard Pumpkin Ale, Jacob Wirth’s, The Black Rose

Link-O-Rama: Redboy Podcast, Quirky Nomads, Mostly News, St. Arnold’s Brewing Company, Desperate Husbands, Learning to Fly Together, The Big Show, Wicked Good Podcast, Life On Tap