Around the Bend

It’s fair to call this one a variety show. Lots and lots of feedback, plus the usual tech, driveway stuff, and household news.

one 30-degree turn done

the turn is complete

  • News: Podcast audio posted, vacation time, Frank’s on the radio.
  • Listen to Spaguyswife
  • Driveway Update
  • Techie Talkie: Amazon did good, which smartphone should I buy?, and looking for my leopard
  • Listener feedback

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2 thoughts on “Around the Bend

  1. Hey Shelly! I hope you and Frank had a great vacation. And to answer your question, yes I’m in Arizona.

  2. Great show guys! Hey, will we see any photos of the driveway project as it progresses? It help with the mental images while listening to your show… Keep up the great job, I enjoy listening.

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