Last Day for Contest Entries

Today is your last chance to enter the Shelly’s Podcast bumper contest. If you want the Fab Frank to record a bumper or intro for your podcast, call 206-333-0583, or send us an audio comment. And remember, Frank picks the winner, not me. So if there is any sucking up to be done, it should be directed toward him. Frank will pick a winner on this weekend’s show.

Long-Ass Walk

Yes, I know that the driveway update audio is weird, especially my side. It’s totally my fault for not having headphones with me when using a new audio recorder. And once I heard it, I realized that I didn’t feel like re-recording.

Travels, birthday greetings, and Vegas craziness.

  • News of my podcast activities, and the PPAs
  • Vegas: PNME preview,suite!, long-ass walk, monorail, I like the Hilton, no Star Trek for me,
  • Driveway update
  • Listener feedback

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Hopped up on Life

News of the week is overshadowed by lots of voicemail and a little Apple chatter.

  • Hopped up on nothing
  • News: Our Halloween, so long Bo
  • The Frank bumper contest
  • Tech talk: no cash for iPhones, got Leopard?, learning about Leopard accesibility
  • Listener feedback

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