Frank Sweats Bullets

Christmas is next week? I don’t believe you!

  • Inching toward Christmas: finally got a tree, slow gift-buying, holidays with Frank’s fam and mine, formal child naming practices
  • Driveway Update: rough-in complete, excess pavers for the holidays, saying good bye to the old wheel barrow on bulky collectibles day
  • Exploring the new liquor store
  • Marketing booze to college kids
  • Trying new bourbon
  • Discount for everything but credit
  • Tech Talk: Frank’s Apple TV rant
  • Recommend a movie playback device for Frank’s bro
  • Listener feedback
  • Gratuitous sports wagering discussion

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Hey Pal!

Holidays begin, the driveway keeps on keepin on, and I do a lot of tech shopping.

  • News: Avoiding the mall, St. Nicholas Day with sick kids
  • Driveway update
  • Laptop bag shopping
  • Lightning Round
  • Tech Talk: PowerMac G5 dies, Mac Mini rises from the ashes, hanging with the fancy peeps, accessible iPhone
  • Listener feedback

Link-O-Rama: ACB Radio’s Main Menu

Show Delayed

I’ve recorded a few things this weekend that might turn into a show, but I don’t think I’ll have time to put them together for a little while yet. Meanwhile, Frank has new driveway pictures (the pavers are moving toward the garage at a nice clip). Here’s one:

On the next show, you’ll hear about:

• The accessible iPhone
• Laptop bag of tricks
• Gumbo makin

along with:

• The Lighting Round and Driveway Update

While you’re waiting, why not drop us a voicemail? The tank’s kind of low this week. Call 206-333-0583.