Fat Feet

It’s a mostly Macworld show, plus some nifty user-generated content at the end, which makes Shelly’s Podcast buzzword compliant.

  • News: Recovering from Macworld, transit criminal, TRADITIONS, back feels better
  • NEW SEGMENT: Bar talk, a pilgrimage to the Alembic
  • Driveway Update
  • Tech Talk: Apple announcements at Macworld
  • Listener Mail

Link-O-Rama: Love Long and Prosper, Pizza Go Here, Alembic Bar, Redboy Podcast, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, The Big Show, Buzz Out Loud, Mostly News, Tucker Tales

Feels Like the First Time

I’m getting ready for Macworld. I’m also ranting at retailers and streaming audio through the house.

  • News: Expo’s acomin, Gremlin’s heart trouble, watching the primaries, ACB Radio
  • Accessibility rant: low-contrast card readers bum me out
  • Tech Talk: audio from the Mac Mini, Internet audio to the garage
  • Driveway Update: Good vibrations
  • An excerpt from the first Shelly’s Podcast

Link-O-Rama: Mac Mingle, Maccast, ACB Radio’s Main Menu,
Screenless Switchers, Blind Access Journal, SoundCast iCast, my iCast review, in podcast form

$100 Blade

Holidays and tech talk to welcome the new year.


I get pummeled by my nieces. They are four years old, but there are two of them.

  • Holidays surprise us
  • Elvis enters the world
  • Today’s kids grow up with only digital photos
  • Multi-part Christmas. With Frank’s fam: chaotic present-giving, an embarrassment of sweets. At my mom’s: loading gifts, arriving early, lots of DVDs, wrestling with little ones
  • Lightning Round
  • Tech Talk: A video solution for Danny
  • Driveway Update: I saw pavers chopped
  • Listener feedback

Link-O-Rama: The Big Show, TuckerTales, MythTV, TViX, Barely Podcasting, Truth Seekers, Ten With Tom (??), DinkyCast

Lightning Round Music: “Skunks Meet Russians”, by B-Sea Surfers on the Podsafe Music Network