I mix politics (or the trappings of politics), cookies, and conversation on the porch.

  • Punching a skylight in the studio
  • Debate frenzy: 100 tickets v. 43,000 requests, presidential cookie poll, Chelsea Clinton ikes my favorite taco place, debate watching, political debates as show business, Obama-rama, and a little remote audio from a great big rally.
  • Music contest, week 3
  • Podcasts taking over your life
  • On the porch with Frank: cats frolic, Dice and the iPod, projects proliferate, wine is good, vegetable weekends.
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Truth Seekers, Barely Podcasting, Dice, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

Shopping Trip

Show segments are over-rated. The mark of a true podcaster is the ability to assemble unrelated bits into something like a show..at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself this week.

  • A tech tangent: soft tech news
  • Home for geriatric cats: Frank loves Ivar, Shelly loves Gremlin, queen of the universe
  • Shopping in the ‘burbs, girls and boys in Breed Hardware, my drinking hobby, Costco random goodness
  • Finally made it to the Rachel Maddow Show
  • Music contest, week 3
  • Prez candidates come to Austin
  • Listener feedback

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Lightning Round Music: “Skunks Meet Russians”, by B-Sea Surfers on the Podsafe Music Network

The 3 AM Show

Here’s the show I made when I couldn’t sleep last night.

  • Remembering birthdays
  • Tail end of sickness
  • Challenging work week and stress-related coughing
  • Music contest: first week winner
  • My film essay project: it’s done, working without skype
  • Lightning Round
  • Listener feedback

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, Love Long and Prosper, Mostly News, Barely Podcasting, Podcast Peer Awards, Wicked Good Podcast, The CatFish Show, The Zedcast

Lightning Round Music: “Skunks Meet Russians”, by B-Sea Surfers on the Podsafe Music Network

Paved with Good Intentions

We celebrate the final driveway update, talk more about the iPhone and answer a question from a listener.

Frank puts the last driveway paver into place.

  • A music contest
  • News: Frank’s buddies lobby for a giant TV
  • Driveway Update: the last one
  • Ask an Austintonian, with special guest, the governator
  • Tech Talk: iPhone final conflict
  • Listener feedback

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