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Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Frank and I made the difficult decision to end the suffering of our furry friend, Ivar. He has been a part of our family for 17 years.

At the moment, we’re still dealing with the loss of our tabby friend whose most frequent nickname was Thumper because of his expressive, constantly-moving tail. If you’ve had animals, and have had to make the decision to take that long ride to the vet, have drugs administered, and then bury your friend in the yard, you know something about what our day has been like.

I’ve got lots of great Ivar photos, and I’ll be putting them into a slideshow/movie later tonight. For now, I want to say thank you to all of my Twitter friends who have sent sympathetic notes. They are very much appreciated.


A short show with sick cats, SXSW observations, and even a little political humor

  • News: external show plugging, passing of furry friends, SXSW and Twitter talkin, watching your weight at south by
  • Music contest
  • Tech Talk: My former employer, bankrupt, iPhone SDK leaves me cold
  • Hooker trouble
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Tree Hugger

Home with cats and foliage, plus Leopard docking and listener feedback.

our new oak tree

  • Caffeination and wild dogs, the new tree, gutter man, sick kitteh Ivar
  • My new political podcast
  • Music contest
  • Lightning Round
  • Tech Talk: Upgrading the MacBook to Leopard, new hard drive, easy backup and restore, minor glitch, custom Leopard docks
  • Feedback city

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Lightning Round Music: “Skunks Meet Russians”, by B-Sea Surfers on the Podsafe Music Network