My Show, Mine!

Frank and Shelly are joined by Tim and Nanette of For Whatever Reason. Let the hilarity begin.

ShellysPodcast & For Whatever Reason.jpg

  • Tim & Nanette try to take over the show
  • FWR travels in Austin: Duck tour, Tim’s new favorite food, dinner at Moonshine, bad Austin drivers, cars versus bikes
  • Get thee behind me, Frank
  • Nanette’s assessment of Fab Frank
  • Tech Talk: Mac Mini, meet TV, using the “fine” HandBrake, playing the contents of remote computers, audio through the SoundCast
  • Bar Talk: Meauxitos
  • Get well soon, Ross
  • Feedback City: love for Bar Talk, “damn right, your dad drank it”, compliments all around

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, HandBrake, Gumbeaux Gal’s meauxito recipe, send get well wishes ro Ross, Dry Shave, 2 Guys 1 Brain, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Canadian Club ad, Pizza Go Here

Mixed Up

Would you believe tech (bar) talk? Oh yeah, and a whole lot of feedback from the listeners.

Podcast Studio 3.0
  • Welcome to new podcast listeners
  • Spring gardening and cleaning, the garden map, mulching
  • The new mixer, Yamaha MG124cx
  • Leaving my job: I’ll be looking for work in a week or so.
  • Lightning Round
  • Bar Talk: The Manhattan in all its variations, different kinds of whiskey (rye, bourbon, Canadian)
  • Dueling Telemarketers
  • Feedback city: Seeking fame, TV, Ivar, our favorite dork, exercise, Chuys, Kori wants to do some shots
  • Next week, it’s a Shelly’s Podcast/For Whatever Reason mashup. Send us your comments or questions.

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Lightning Round Music: “Skunks Meet Russians”, by B-Sea Surfers on the Podsafe Music Network

Extra Minty

Frank joins me for tonight’s show, causing the usual challenges to your podcast producer.

  • Drink check: Maredsous 8 and 10
  • News: Ted the tree is blooming, vines are growing, gutters coming next week, our house on Google Street View, exercise bike fun, another “appearance” on the Rachel Maddow Show, dueling iPod nanos, hot tub is back together, life returning to normal, watching TV
  • Restaurant review: New World Deli
  • Bar Talk: chicken shot, brain wave, what is a jigger?
  • Music contest
  • Feedback city

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