Mixed Up

Would you believe tech (bar) talk? Oh yeah, and a whole lot of feedback from the listeners.

Podcast Studio 3.0
  • Welcome to new podcast listeners
  • Spring gardening and cleaning, the garden map, mulching
  • The new mixer, Yamaha MG124cx
  • Leaving my job: I’ll be looking for work in a week or so.
  • Lightning Round
  • Bar Talk: The Manhattan in all its variations, different kinds of whiskey (rye, bourbon, Canadian)
  • Dueling Telemarketers
  • Feedback city: Seeking fame, TV, Ivar, our favorite dork, exercise, Chuys, Kori wants to do some shots
  • Next week, it’s a Shelly’s Podcast/For Whatever Reason mashup. Send us your comments or questions.

Link-O-Rama: That Podcast Show, Yamaha MG124cx, “Moving On” blog post, Max Quick, The Big Show, The Rachel Maddow Show, Wicked Good Podcast, Darcy and Holly Show, Petspeak Podcast, Tastes Like Burning, Barely Podcasting, Desperate Husbands, For Whatever Reason

Lightning Round Music: “Skunks Meet Russians”, by B-Sea Surfers on the Podsafe Music Network

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