My Show, Mine!

Frank and Shelly are joined by Tim and Nanette of For Whatever Reason. Let the hilarity begin.

ShellysPodcast & For Whatever Reason.jpg

  • Tim & Nanette try to take over the show
  • FWR travels in Austin: Duck tour, Tim’s new favorite food, dinner at Moonshine, bad Austin drivers, cars versus bikes
  • Get thee behind me, Frank
  • Nanette’s assessment of Fab Frank
  • Tech Talk: Mac Mini, meet TV, using the “fine” HandBrake, playing the contents of remote computers, audio through the SoundCast
  • Bar Talk: Meauxitos
  • Get well soon, Ross
  • Feedback City: love for Bar Talk, “damn right, your dad drank it”, compliments all around

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, HandBrake, Gumbeaux Gal’s meauxito recipe, send get well wishes ro Ross, Dry Shave, 2 Guys 1 Brain, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Canadian Club ad, Pizza Go Here