The Terror Dome

First of all, I apologize for the audio on this week’s show. I neglected to ride one level setting. Special guest Frank joins the fun.

  • Do what the Europeans do
  • Preparing for the Democratic Convention
  • Waiting for the Memorial Day rains that never came
  • ice cream and playtime with the kids, explaining Memorial Day to 5-year olds, old Shelly pummeled again
  • Storm damage: hail, hail, fire and snow?, tree parts, bulky brushy collectibles
  • iPod addiction: Frank discovers audiobooks, and Lord of the Rings on CD, back in the day
  • Project Terror
  • Feedback City: Smarty Pants, ego surfing, body guarding Frank, more drunk guy, popcorn, hackberries, and cat video

Link-O-Rama: Road to Denver, SharePoints, For Whatever Reason, Barely Podcasting, From This to That, Dave’s kitty video