Shiny Happy Watermelon

wild watermelon.JPG

  • Welcome Big Show refugees, adorable child audio coming up
  • Denton trip: everyone was so NICE, chicken n chocolate, drinking with our niece, UNT orientation, perky coffee servers and improved eats, Fry’s pilgrimage, cheap terabyte hard drive in Irving, waiting for Heather
  • Bad car karma: flat tire
  • Brother-in-law’s vinegary BBQ sauce, brought to you by the podcasting natural
  • Project Terror: the inspection
  • Attack of the watermelon plants
  • Feedback City

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4 thoughts on “Shiny Happy Watermelon

  1. Well, I had to _buy_ a watermelon plant to get into into my garden. Whatever watermelon Frank had, it probably came from a local farmer or an organic store–a lot of commercial produce is sterile.

    Once they get going, the vines spread like mad and fast, so maybe put up a trellis for the vines to climb. It would be cool if you got some “free” watermelon just from Frank’s habit!

    Also if you plant the white part of green onions back in the ground, they’ll grow back so you never had to buy green onions again.

  2. The melon plants are just crazy big now. I’ll probably post an updated photo on Flickr before we pull them up. They’re invading the other plants’ space.

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