Single in Vegas

  • Drink check
  • Expo anticipation: Dam tour
  • Watermelons die, triggering tragic childhood memories
  • Pokeman versus Pacman: Frank has no idea which is which
  • The ring saga: single in Vegas
  • Shelly and Frank sing the HEB jingle
  • Candy time: no rope licorice, Shelly’s cherry sour balls, good chocolate for our hairdresser
  • Gaming while disabled
  • Second Life not so much
  • Heavy-handed state government closes capitol bus stop
  • Cocktail Talk: The Old Cuban
  • Gremlins purrs for the people
  • Tech Talk: a few more iPod Touch Internet notes, the Touch as an iPod

Measured Melon

Link-O-Rama: 8 1/2 Souvenirs, Able Gamers, Old Cuban,

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