Ninja Wheelie Time

  • Frank campaigning
  • Socializing: birthday party, showing the Californians around, German food in Walburg
  • Kitty update
  • Halloween confession: costumes, I HATES IT
  • Cocktail talk
  • Project Terror
  • Monitoring the “credit” crisis
  • Feedback City


Link-O-Rama: Ninja wheelie time, Walburg Restaurant, Spooky Cocktails, For Whatever Reason, Pizza Go Here, Desperate Husband, Tastes Like Burning, App Store Pundit

5 thoughts on “Ninja Wheelie Time

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  2. Thanks for your time in Austin and the mention in the podcast! I suppose it takes a certain personality to truly appreciate the Talking Oil Rig. But since we were sitting behind you, you missed me and Kelly grooving out to the laser show at the LBJ museum. It was like being a 60s flowerchild, something we’re too young to be.

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