Cheryl Wheeler Interview

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Cheryl Wheeler is a renowned singer/songwriter. You may not know her, but you’ve heard her songs, covered by artists including Dan Seals, Kathy Mattea, Suzy Bogguss, Bette Midler, Peter Paul & Mary, and Garth Brooks. In folk circles, she is among the most well-regarded writers and performers of her generation. She tours the US regularly, delighting audiences with a mix of beautiful ballads, and hilarious stories and funny songs.

I have run a mailing list for Cheryl’s fans since 1996. The interview featured in this podcast was conducted in Austin, Texas on April 25. Cheryl has just released a new album, Pointing at the Sun. It is her tenth full-length studio album, and first independent release. Cheryl recorded six albums for Rounder Records. In 2003, I produced a compilation of her unrecorded work for members of the mailing list. That two-disc item is called No Previous Record.

You’ll hear me talk about the mailing list a lot in the interview. Cheryl has been very supportive of me and the list. I asked members to submit questions before the interview. Here is a cheat sheet for those who don’t know Cheryl Wheeler or her music.

Tony = Cheryl’s manager, Tony Gottlieb
Cathleen = Cheryl’s partner
Kenny = Kenny White, singer/songwriter and frequent collaborator w/Cheryl. Kenny produced four songs on Pointing at the Sun.
Ben = Ben Wisch, producer of several of Cheryl’s albums, and seven PATS tracks.
The backhoe man = the hero of Cheryl’s song, “His Hometown” form the Sylvia Hotel album.

Cheryl Wheelr & Shelly Brisbin

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Drunk Girl (and it’s not me)

  • Inside Shelly’s Podcast baseball
  • Neko Case in Austin: staking out space, tall and not-so-tall guys get acquainted, drunk girl arrives, drunk girl meets Eric, men are entertained by drunk girl, Mary Jane stops by, Neko’s show, Shearwater
  • Kindergarten bowling: bowling balls and bikes, Milton, falling down, fab Frank is the star
  • Project Terror
  • Feedback city

Bowling Ball Cupcakes

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