Title Choosin

Hello, kids. It’s time once again to choose a title for this week’s show. Your choices are:

  • Smartie? Not So Much
  • 400-Volt Potato Array
  • Stop Walking On My Head

Give us a vote in the comments, won’t you?

Oh My God!

  • Happy Memorial Day
  • Susan Werner entertains us
  • Kids say the !est things
  • Star Trek entertains us, but it’s all about the theater and the flat tire
  • New Kittehs: Meeting Rowan, lots of cat-getting options, the inquisitor lady, animal shelter csmorgestboard, Sunny Boy/Norbert, quarantine, Rowan the love muffin and lumbar kitteh
  • Feedback city


Link-O-Rama: Susan Werner, One World Theater, Love Long and Prosper, For Whatever Reason,Redboy Podcast

Meat Keyboard

  • Toads and other wildlife
  • Shelly dreams of meat and death
  • Frank provides precise GPS coordinates
  • News: Gardens growing, Frank murders vegetables
  • Election day: Twittering results and other election stuff, Frank wants to get some, Shelly’s boring voter counting story, Frederickburg city council
  • A not-so-rare Breed: killing poison ivy
  • Frank at loose ends
  • Mother’s Day: Frank feeds his mom, Shelly makes beercan chicken with Mexican beer, tallboys and chopsticks
  • Cocktail talk: Drinks at the Italian coffee place
  • Date nights planned and unplanned
  • VW driveby and dead end drivers
  • A different kind of lighting round: Tessla coil music
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, ArcAttack, Barely, Tastes Like Burning

This Week’s Title Is?

OK, kids, it’s time for another Shelly’s Podcast title selection poll. This week’s options:

  • Meat Keyboard
  • Ceiling Showers
  • Pepper Killer

Please vote in the comments. No wagering.

Stabbed in the Eye

  • Kiddie sleepover: little podcasters play microphone, tired non-parents, hot tubbin, call and response, playscape and shoes, nature walking with Frank
  • Garden completed and beautiful
  • Tomato cage attack
  • Enjoying the garden and the frogs
  • Guns drawn, TVs blasting
  • Cocktail talk
  • Cinco de mayo in blah blah Ohio
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: Cheryl Wheeler, Redboy Podcast