Oh My God!

  • Happy Memorial Day
  • Susan Werner entertains us
  • Kids say the !est things
  • Star Trek entertains us, but it’s all about the theater and the flat tire
  • New Kittehs: Meeting Rowan, lots of cat-getting options, the inquisitor lady, animal shelter csmorgestboard, Sunny Boy/Norbert, quarantine, Rowan the love muffin and lumbar kitteh
  • Feedback city


Link-O-Rama: Susan Werner, One World Theater, Love Long and Prosper, For Whatever Reason,Redboy Podcast

2 thoughts on “Oh My God!

  1. I love your little studio! I think I have bad luck. When you did the recording in the car I tried to listen driving mine. Now the other day I was going by train and you recorded outside and I was thinking – This train must have a problem with the brakes, but it was solved when I removed my ear plugs.

    I love to listen about the cats, the drinks and the fab Frank!

    Thank you for a very very nice show!


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