Pick a Title, Any Title

I’m still working on an edit for show #192, which is all about my experiences with iPhone accessibility. But even so, I press on to show #193, which I hope to record late Sunday or early Monday. It’s a lot easier than holding an iPhone in one hand, and talking into a mic.

Pick a title, make a podcaster smile.

  • Get Goin, Rowin
  • B Team Coffee
  • Promoting in the Twitterverse

32 Black (Show #191)

  • Chit chat: Welcomes, title voting
  • News: Hot June in Austin, air conditioner broken, Frank’s makes the AC “pee”, lost AC warranty found and reinstated, unit fixed in two parts, peppers and maters, tomato plants get HUGE, dad’s day, mom’s negotiating method
  • Tech Talk: Buying the iPHone 3G S, appearance on MacJury, love the camera, computer masquerading as a phone, contact pitures, more camera love, no need to buy wi-fi card or Flip cam, inviting App Store Pundit feedback
  • Feedback city

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Title Picker

If Shelly’s Podcast had the budget, I would pick show titles by means of a giant wheel, powered by a celebrity spokesmodel. But we do not, so I must rely on you, the fans of the show, to help me select just the right title for this week’s episode. Your choices for show 191, to be recorded tomorrow, June 21, are:

  • Hotness
  • Hatness
  • 32 Black

At Shelly’s Podcast, your vote counts, and we value your business. Thank you, and come again.

Assassin Bug Quotes (Show #190)

  • Chit chat: Shelly’s Podcast converts to digital, too warm in the studio
  • Title tie
  • Family reunion: email addresses on paper plates, my name in quotes, lots of folks missing, looking at old photos, uncles’ military pictures, very bad-looking home movies, seeing my parents and their new house
  • Garden time: peppers, maters, and bugs
  • Hello kitty
  • Tech Talk: iPhone 3G S and accessibility, iPhone lust, and Shelly’s theory of consumerism
  • Feedback city: Become a Shelly’s Podcast Facebook fan, check out my Friendfeed widget

Assasin bug


Link-O-Rama: Cat video, my iPhone blog post, Shelly’s Podcast Facebook page, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

Name that Title

Time once again to select a title for this weekend’s show. I’ll most likely be recording Sunday, June 14, so act now for greatest savings.

    Assassin bug nymph

  • Quotes around my name
  • Titan Impact

Prisoner of the Googleplex

  • News and shopping: Summer watering rules, Costco liquor, Texas Canadian whiskey, Texas unselect, smuggling cheap crap booze into Canada, Gay Divorcee, bicycle drag racing, Shelly tries to kill her iPod (Shelly stops, mid-story to threaten Frank, Frank stops mid-story to identify the position of the moon)
  • Tech Talk: Owned by Google, moving my domain to Google (Shelly stops, mid-story, to say nice things about old friends), Google calendar, Google Mail POP and IMAP, Frank tries to find just the right Google relationship metaphor
  • Hello Kitty: keeping us up at night, rules of the house, breaking rules of the house, the lexicon of bad kitty behavior, cat transit rules, toilet drinking, neighbor cat issues
  • Cocktail talk
  • Feedback city

Texas Spirit

Link-O-Rama: BusySync, Paula’s Texas Lemon Liqueur, Pizza Go Here

400-Volt Potato Array

  • Summer starts now
  • Episode #188: counting up to 200
  • The show note memory hole: mass high school graduation, in search of more coffee, glasses compliments at Quacks, sunglass hoarding, so old they’re cool, no white frames!
  • Summer travels: Tales of the Cocktail, waiting to pick my seminars, spirited dinners, cocktail tour, Vancouver vacation, hangin with the Canadian listeners,
  • Hello, kitty: Thanks to manager John for the new intro, Norbert released from kitty quarantine, the boys are brothers, dominant brother Rowan gives way to equal time, disturbing my sleep, will my cat video go viral.
  • Title voting and minor controversy
  • Power to the Prius: a look inside Shelly & Frank’s hive brain
  • Shameless plugs
  • Feedback city


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