400-Volt Potato Array

  • Summer starts now
  • Episode #188: counting up to 200
  • The show note memory hole: mass high school graduation, in search of more coffee, glasses compliments at Quacks, sunglass hoarding, so old they’re cool, no white frames!
  • Summer travels: Tales of the Cocktail, waiting to pick my seminars, spirited dinners, cocktail tour, Vancouver vacation, hangin with the Canadian listeners,
  • Hello, kitty: Thanks to manager John for the new intro, Norbert released from kitty quarantine, the boys are brothers, dominant brother Rowan gives way to equal time, disturbing my sleep, will my cat video go viral.
  • Title voting and minor controversy
  • Power to the Prius: a look inside Shelly & Frank’s hive brain
  • Shameless plugs
  • Feedback city


Link-O-Rama: Tales of the Cocktail, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, Rowan and Norbert on YouTube, Frank on Twitter, Shelly on QN, Barely Podcasting