Assassin Bug Quotes (Show #190)

  • Chit chat: Shelly’s Podcast converts to digital, too warm in the studio
  • Title tie
  • Family reunion: email addresses on paper plates, my name in quotes, lots of folks missing, looking at old photos, uncles’ military pictures, very bad-looking home movies, seeing my parents and their new house
  • Garden time: peppers, maters, and bugs
  • Hello kitty
  • Tech Talk: iPhone 3G S and accessibility, iPhone lust, and Shelly’s theory of consumerism
  • Feedback city: Become a Shelly’s Podcast Facebook fan, check out my Friendfeed widget

Assasin bug


Link-O-Rama: Cat video, my iPhone blog post, Shelly’s Podcast Facebook page, Life of Spaguy’s Wife

One thought on “Assassin Bug Quotes (Show #190)


    I want to say I have seen those assassin bugs on my passion flower vine but I could be wrong. I have to say I really enjoyed the history lesson about you. You are such a good story teller, I could almost see in my mind, the headless family members on the old movies you spoke of, and of course I heard your plea for comments on the site, and wow would you look at that. Have a great week.


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