Prisoner of the Googleplex

  • News and shopping: Summer watering rules, Costco liquor, Texas Canadian whiskey, Texas unselect, smuggling cheap crap booze into Canada, Gay Divorcee, bicycle drag racing, Shelly tries to kill her iPod (Shelly stops, mid-story to threaten Frank, Frank stops mid-story to identify the position of the moon)
  • Tech Talk: Owned by Google, moving my domain to Google (Shelly stops, mid-story, to say nice things about old friends), Google calendar, Google Mail POP and IMAP, Frank tries to find just the right Google relationship metaphor
  • Hello Kitty: keeping us up at night, rules of the house, breaking rules of the house, the lexicon of bad kitty behavior, cat transit rules, toilet drinking, neighbor cat issues
  • Cocktail talk
  • Feedback city

Texas Spirit

Link-O-Rama: BusySync, Paula’s Texas Lemon Liqueur, Pizza Go Here