Muttonhead (Show #197)

  • Chit chat: Forgetting to bring my stuff into the studio,
  • Title voting: please join the Facebook fan page
  • Sauced: Enchilada sauce, bragging on myself is hard, marinara with dried bell peppers, cooking sacrileges
  • Appraising my chances: protesting our property appraisal, the process, the formal hearing, “is it your testimony…?”, appraiser preso, new building materials add to value, appraiser defends his work, blinded by numbers, winning on errors
  • Hello Kitty: Nicknames
  • Homeless folks, confederate monuments, and my tour guiding technique
  • Tech Talk: Convert text to mp3 with Clipboard to MP3
  • Shameless plugs: Book chapter
  • Feedback city

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Title Tabulating

Well hi there.

Title voting is back, so please choose one you like and place it in the comments. One of these repeats from the last go-round, but do not be affected by this. If you hated it before, you’re free to hate it again. If you think it got robbed last time, by all means, vote it up. Or choose one of the others.

  • Help a Brotha Out
  • Muttonhead
  • Cocktail Tea Bag

New show in a day or so, I’m thinking.