And on the 201st Show, She Rested (Show #201)

  • Chit chat: Forgetting how to start the show, ignoring Frank, getting reacquainted with the studio
  • Road trip to Dallas: We’re not road trippers, bailing on our busy travel schedule, trying to find Fuzzy’s, manual googling, tasty tacos, meeting the dogs, staying late
  • Marking dad’s birthday: visiting the cemetery, dinner with mom
  • Tech Talk: Apple’s fifth generation iPod nano, what’s all the fuss about iPhone MMS?
  • Other people’s parents
  • Insistent contact
  • Hello kitty: brotherly love is back, following Penelope
  • Feedback city

Link-O-Rama: QN, Tastes Like Burning, Travels of Penelope the Cat, For Whatever Reason, Life of Spaguy’s Wife, The Redboy Podcast, Life on Tap, NYC cocktail bar map, Pizza Go Here

2 thoughts on “And on the 201st Show, She Rested (Show #201)

  1. Well Hello Shelly! Since you renewed your website hosting, I felt compelled to post a comment. We had a really great time with you and Frank, I had a really great time listening to show 201 and am pretty sure I will have a really great time listening to the next show.

    Hugs and Cocktails!


  2. I renewed my what now?

    We had an awesome time with you guys, too. Perhaps that doesn’t come through in the show. I kept trying to come up with STORIES, you know, and just didn’t have any.

    Listening to your latest Tastes Like Burning right now.

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