Born Under a Bad Sign (Show #205)

  • Chit Chat: Here comes Frank, into the studio
  • Frank’s milestone birthday: bad luck day times 50
  • The original plan: party in the street, include the school kids
  • Help from friends
  • Moonwalk dynamics
  • Food: brisket, red beans, veggie chili, Big Bark Beer (and math), too many soft drinks, Frank’s special chocolate cake says something rude
  • Party lowlights: Frank’s drinking restricted, lack of ice cream (with a sidebar about birthday cake and ice cream protocol), cupcakes are WRONG
  • Playlist-making: building the lists, consultation from Tim, iPhoning the playlists in, how far does remote control work?, girls checkin out my apps
  • Dances with Emma: Tim videotapes my mom
  • Party guest stew
  • Party highlights: moonwalk, presents for me, chocopresents for Frank
  • Tim and James’ long ride
  • Cocktail talk: the Columbian, the New Orleans sidecar

Link-O-Rama: For Whatever Reason, Dancing with Emma video, Tastes Like Burningg, Life of Spaguy’s Wife