Fancy Rat (Show #208)

  • Chit Chat: Podcast studio updated with its own computer, show succumbs to captive sinus pressure
  • NEW SEGMENT Franking privileges: (An aside about Christmas crap), flirting with cashiers, Shelly is uncomfortable
  • Title voting: writing about rats, feeding pythons, who should have a rat?
  • Hello Kitty

  • Eating Out at the Highball: From the people who brought you the Alamo Drafhoutse, all-inclusive movie tickets, describing the Highball, bowling/eating/drinking/karaoke, fancy comfort food, fried chicken market price, bottle service
  • Feedback city


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One thought on “Fancy Rat (Show #208)

  1. Fancy or Plain, its still a rat. But not you Shelly, oh no, you are a stand up gal and a class act, and I’m better for knowing you. Keep doing the good work.

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