Extracted Nipples (Show #234)

  • Doin it rong
  • Chit chat: Setting the scene, cocktails, never gonna quit podcasting (probably)
  • News: Kids’ Olympics, iPad show notes, mom busts through her iPad bandwidth cap, (Aside: watching the passing vehicles), praise for mom’s cheapness, Frank replaces Frank’s door
  • Kids’ stuff: “it’s not FAIR!”, everyone has wheels, mom fall down go boom, bike training for three-year-olds
  • Challenges continue for Joyce
  • SXSW invades our city: bands everywhere, dinner with Redboy, Shelly is your tour guide
  • Dreamy: waking up angry, Charlie Sheen
  • Spring projects: (A visit from special guest Hugh), new garden mulch, bickering about the yard, new plants, family claiming our tomato plant, sprinkler plans,
  • Trains, trains, and trains: red line has been running one year, social media and SXSW, urban rail planning, Shelly gets all emotional about transit, smartphone navigation
  • Hello kitty: over-run and outgunned, new cat door, neighbors petting cats
  • TV Contest Results

nipple extractor

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