Gangsta Lien (Show #236)

  • Chit chat: Frank has the sound board
  • Titles
  • News: Fishing and tornado warnings, the inaccessible conference, refinancing the house with less paper, Shelly loses everything (side trip to the gun store)
  • Gardening: Frank builds the irrigation system, tiny migrant farm workers pick many tomatoes, the 9-inch pep
  • Kerrville road trip: Not as uncomfortable as it used to be, texting the folk singer, Garrison Brothers’ Distillery
  • Kitchen Konfidential: Premature demolition averted, mesquite flooring, matching powdercoat color, checking out milestone and granite, we need to pick a new range, Frank ponders his career as a remodeler
  • Cocktail talk: Happy anniversary, Tigress, mourning the Parlor’s closing, cocktail correction
  • Feedback city

Holding a nine-inch pepper

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